Back in 2020 I was invited to create the concept and illustrations for the new single malt whisky series by London’s Bimber Distillery.

The basic idea was to celebrate one of the greatest engineering projects of the past 200 years - London Underground. ‘The Tube’ is the oldest underground passenger railway network in the world.

Bimber teamed up with Transport for London and I was extremely honored to get on board.
I had a privilege to use one of the most remarking graphic identifications in the world - the roundel and associated materials.

Each tube and bottle design represents one particular station. Every element of the illustration corresponds to existing place, area event or architecture detail. Also the colors and patterns are carefully selected to mark London Tube lines you can hop on at the selected station.

The collection includes 4 releases so far, 4 bottles in each.  Number of bottles is limited to about 300 per each station. The fifth series is coming soon.


All photos courtesy of Bimber Distillery
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